Friday, 9 December 2016

SEEKWIZ - SCHOOL : Real Time, Online

The morning routine of parents (more so with Mothers) is mostly getting the home ready to meet the challenges of the day. Getting kids ready for the school is essentially the most important task from the other pool of things to do. Similarly, it’s always major task to ensure the kid’s safe come back from school as well. This is not a one-day affair; it goes on for more than a decade.

Students’s safety and coordination have always presented transport managers, school bus authorities and parents with an enormous challenge and ever growing responsibilities. On schools’ part they need a power to control and monitor their fleet to the best effective manner in reaching out to maximum students and for parents one of the biggest pain areas is the struggle to reach at the bus stop in due course every day, and restlessly wait for the school bus to arrive, without any clue about the movement of the school bus. 

So, we as parents have the task cut out. The task is to think for a while and ask ourselves few questions, which I have tried to do here. 

1) Are we ready in all forms and in total control of kid’s travel to school and back?
2) Are we leaving few lose ends and expecting them to be routine tasks by depending on someone else who cannot take the ownership?
3) Is it the responsibility of only school to ensure kid’s safety? Did we ask the right questions to school?
4) Is your kid’s school meeting all the statutory safety transport mandates? 
5) Am I mere audience or also an active participant in my Child’s safety?

For most of the questions we ask ourselves, the answer would probably be a NO. 

We have all used Mobile Applications to track our Cab or the grocery delivery guy’s location or a courier that we are expecting to arrive but did we ever try to track our kid’s journey to and from school. We have sometimes stopped thinking beyond possibilities and while we are taking smart routes to keep track of cabs and groceries, we are expecting the school to take intelligent decisions for the most important aspect of our lives, Our kids. 

We are Sigmapeiron. Our objective is to transform the school bus into a SMART Vehicle. We empower parents and schools to have a firm grip on the transport and safety of Students. Visit us at for more details on how we help.

Our inclusive Application is a seamless integration of Parents and schools to improve on the following concern areas:
1) Real time tracking of the bus route
2) Help parents reduce waiting time at school bus stops
3) Route and fleet management for school
4) Vehicle discipline and running analytics
Ask for a free demonstration and trial usage of our product. Your kid’s school should already have it, if not mail us at to enable your kid’s school in transforming itself into smart school in real sense.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

SeekWiz Enterprise - Convenient, Reliable and Must-have  solution for corporate transport

Urban cities in India have seen a rapid growth in the emergence of IT corporate landscape. A city like Pune is witnessing such a growth in various pockets of the city. Cities like Pune, Bangalore, Indore et al are attracting more corporate houses by the day.
One of the key areas that corporate organisations are investing is in the transportation of employees. Be it common buses or dedicated cabs to cater to various business needs. Corporate transportation for employees is a critical area that needs to be up-to-date and to its mark.
Having said that, there are common problems that emerge with providing corporate transportation to employees. These problems are,
  • Maintaining discipline and timing adherence of the fleet IN/OUT timings.
  • Managing extensive transport related data for the purpose of audit.
  • Act on deviations in a timely manner and maintain stability.


SeekWiz – Enterprise is a very relevant solution that mitigates the above problems that corporate transport authorities face. SeekWiz enables corporate organizations to iron out possible issues underlying the transport facilities and empower them to add a brand value and stand out building employer-employee trust. 

Some awesome features of SeekWiz - Enterprise


SeekWiz - Enterprise comes with a unique dashboard that corporate organizations can adapt to suit their needs. The dashboard comes with a LIVE TRACKING feature that allows transport officials to have a birds eye view. Some of the salient features of the dashboard are, 

  • Create and maintain bus routes with ease. 
  • Manage bus stops by dragging the marker on a map view to desired position and save it with a single click. 
  • Dedicated Live Trip dashboard that showcase all running buses and their routes with an intuitive view that gives out specific details related to the bus on road. 
  • Manage and maintain the GPS devices, its identification using the dashboard. 

  • SeekWiz reports makes is easy to monitor and maintain data points and history related to the transport. 
  • Checking critical data such as IN/OUT timing adherence of the bus are available using SeekWiz report feature. 
  • Secured access to the SeekWiz dashboard ensures that the reports can be extracted and used by admin authorities only. 
  • Essential historical data can be pulled up using reports that help you in catering to audit requirements. 


  • SeekWiz is scalable to the employees of the organization via SeekWiz android application available on google play store. 
  •  Employees can have visibility to only those routes in which they travel thus maintaining data confidentiality. 
  •  Employees can choose the notification that suits their needs and ensuring that they reach the required bus stop before time. 
  • Thus, SeekWiz also ensures discipline and adherence to corporate travel policies.  

Additionally, SeekWiz being primarily a mobile application locating and sharing routes has never been so easy. 
Even when transport officials are on field, custom notifications can keep them updated even when physically not present in front of dashboard. 
SeekWiz empowers users to set their own preferences towards  Arrival and General alerts by selecting desired choices.  

In conclusion, SeekWiz is a smart and essential solution that is not only developed with a vision to solve common problems faced with corporate transportation but also provides a range of features that make SeekWiz an automatic extension of the transport facilities. 

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Friday, 29 July 2016

SeekWiz School – School transportation turns SMART.

In today’s day and age school transportation is having paramount importance. Having a well-equipped and well-managed school bus fleet is proving to be an added brand value for schools. Having said that, amalgamating school buses with technology creates an environment that suits the 21st century.
SeekWiz – School by Sigmapeiron Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (a Pune based start-up) is an Android application that caters to this very need of equipping school buses with technology that not only helps school in managing their transport better but also is scalable to parents who can virtually be connected with their wards during school commute.



·       SeekWiz – School empowers you to track real time your child’s bus when on road.
·       Always be in the know and locate your child’s bus on a live map.


  •   SeekWiz is a complete make it yours’s app that allows you to set notification for the bus stops that you  want
  • Manage your time effectively and get your child ready in time by selecting notification preferences that suits your needs. 


  • ·       Completely secure as SeekWiz uses mobile number verification.
  • ·       Only those routes are visible to you in which your child is travelling.
  • ·       Parent mobile Number-Child bus route mapping ensures focused visibility.


  • ·       School administration team gets a firm grip on the entire fleet.
  • ·       Historical reports make is easier to act on irregularities.
  • ·       Track live trips on a desktop with route highlighting.
  • ·       Dedicated live trip dashboard that displays ON TRIP cards for buses on road.
  • ·       Easily create, manage and map new routes and its student associations.

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